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suede-pork-pie-hat-pph-17-6_1010460298Замшевая шляпа порк пай PPH-17Замшевая шляпа порк пай PPH-17Замшевая шляпа порк пай PPH-17Замшевая шляпа порк пай PPH-17

Hand-aged suede pork pie hat PPH-17

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8-12 days

This hat is designed for true vintage connoisseurs. Made of hand-aged suede, decorated with antique bronze fittings, it is polar opposite to the leading trends of modern fashion. Down with the sporty style and gloss of a heavy luxury! Never wear it with sneakers! Never combine this hat with synthetic clothing! Do not combine it with accessories from super-expensive brands!
In short, this headwear should be worn by those who like a solid and unhurried lifestyle. For example, centuries of the past or the before last. Whoever needs it will understand.

The height of the body is 85 mm.

The width of the fields is 45 mm.

Lining - cotton.

Two pairs of eyelets on the top for ventilation.

As usual - you can change the parameters of the hat to your taste. And do not forget to indicate your size when ordering!

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