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Who We Are?

Hello everybody. My name is Vlad, I'm the founder and designer of the brand BLUGGAE. Our small company is located in Moscow. We come up with and sew exclusive vests and accessories. As I'm still a musician and poet, balancing at the junction of blues-rock and reggae, the design of our vests is inextricably linked with these musical directions. Taking as a basis classical solutions in the making of vests, we try to instill in our designs the spirit of freedom, emotionality and warmth of the time when the best samples of this music were born. Yes, nostalgia. But not conservatism. We re-think so much of the vintage we love, taking into account new materials and functionality requirements.

Our caps and hats are our love and unfading passion. Combining world traditions and styles, we try to get an original product that is difficult to find somewhere else. Natural materials, ethnic motifs in the décor and deliberately vintage fittings together are designed to create a sense of timeless - the good old days, when everything was "truly" ... READ MORE

Leather pork pie hat

Every detail is important

When we are working on the next model, we try to think through all the nuances, and there are no trifles. What combination of fabrics will be on the hat, how much does the design and material of the fittings correspond to the concept of style, are the eyelets and rivets appropriate for this model, etc.

Therefore, a lot of time is spent searching for the right fittings. We give preference mainly to products made in Italy, as the most refined, reliable and time-tested, and try not to save on it.

When working with leather products of manual dyeing, we use paints and finishes of only the best world manufacturers.

And, of course, the most durable threads that will ensure a long life for your headwear.

Why Bluggae?

I was born in 1964, and my childhood and youth fell during the heyday of rock music. Needless to say, the hobby for heavy rock and, especially, for blues rock influenced all life. I collected my first guitar at the age of 16, Levi's first jeans and Lee's jacket appeared at 17. Yes, the Soviet Union was a closed country. But you can not close any country as a pressure chamber. We had records and posters, we listened to the Voice of America and Seva Novgorodtseva. We knew how our heroes lived, sounded, what they dressed. We accepted this and transferred to our lives. READ MORE

Why Bluggae?