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Docker beanie wool hat DBH-30
Docker beanie wool hat DBH-30Docker beanie wool hat DBH-30Докерская шапка бини из шерсти DBH-30Докерская шапка бини из шерсти DBH-30

Docker beanie wool hat DBH-30

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All, folks, we have waited! Autumn is in full swing, we are hiding shorts in a closet. And it's time to take care of your head!

Replenishing our collection of docker hats for moderately cold weather will keep your head warm and make your image play with new original notes.

The docker hat DBH-30 is made of excellent 100% wool with a diagonal texture.

As usual, the hat is equipped with a size regulator and 6 mm eyelets for ventilation.

Lining - thin shirt denim.

And further. We sew our hats to order, and you can determine the height of the hat yourself - over the ears or with half-closed ears.

Also, when ordering, do not forget to immediately indicate the size of the hat (head circumference in cm or inches in the fitting area).

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