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Summer pork-pie bucket hats

Why? They look convincing and authentic to me. Sometimes it even seems to me that over time they simply become part of you, and it is somehow difficult to do without them at all. Without a well-chosen hat, the image seems unfinished. And what is more important - the “older” the hat becomes, the better it looks to me. It gets special twists, scuffs, they even fade as something nice. No polyester and other chemicals will not instill in this accessory your soul or charisma, whatever you like to call it.

And I began to invent and sew my own hats, because finding what I like is not an easy task. Above all that could be found, the visible spirit of the Conveyor, cruel and merciless, soared. And if there was something special, then the price was, frankly, refreshing. And I decided - and weakly to you? Well, actually ...

The models of hats presented here today are a hybrid product, without a doubt. It can not be attributed to the well-established definitions. On the one hand, this is pork-pie hat, since it tends towards an almost round shape and has small upturned brims. On the other hand, the flat cover is more typical for bucket hat, but at bucket hat it is much higher than the crown and wider hanging brims.
And eyelets. In my summer hats collection, eyelets are an indispensable attribute, they are needed for ventilation, this is very important! But eyelets, besides bucket hats, are also used in such models of hats as western, outback, boonie and some others.

And other fittings that I often use in decoration. Frames, buckles, buttons, badges - this applies to hats. And if you take a closer look, then immediately notice that all of them are always aged, weighty, be it bronze, brass, copper or antique silver - this is my fetish and this is not the place for compromise! There is an excellent English word timeless - for me such a beacon fire in the fog, and the glossy riffs of the heavy luxe do not frighten me.

Each hat - of course, the author's work. From hand-cut fabric to the last stitch, everything is done with one hand, that is, with me. The circulation of each model is limited by the amount of fabric that can be found. It is not easy to find - so little of that one, from one glance at which it becomes clear - here is something worthwhile from it! The same with the accessories is good enough, and it also has the ability to suddenly and permanently disappear from even Moscow-tested stores, warehouses and other places. And taking something on some kind of aliexpress is not my story, mind you!

And since we are a custom atelier, any customer can easily become the author of his hat. Combine materials, accessories, specify other nuances - and your hat will become one and unrepeatable!