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Style or fashion?

Docker beanie hats

We do not even really understand the meaning of these letter combinations. And we do not follow trends. For - spit ...

Well-groomed masters of television receivers and lively chirps from YouTube, safely dodging socially useful work, gather under their colorful standards of a host of fragile souls. And I sincerely admire them - they have mastered some mystery that allows them to continuously generate the archetypes of a successful life, selling, in essence, pixels. How they manage to be so convincing - I do not know. What is obvious to me is that these hypnoboabs induce us to push in lines for the masterpieces of the mass market, completely emascurating the idea of our own style.

Stylish and fashionable for me - the definitions are very different. I prefer the first. Style is freedom of choice and space for improvisation. Personal sense of style is a skill, I think, acquired not suddenly. Behind him is your whole personal story. And the more interesting, thoughtful, meaningful it is - the more convincing it appears in the external image.

It is not difficult for an observant person and possessing, in the words of Professor Preobrazhensky, “life experience”, looking at a passer-by, to identify the routes of his fate. And here everything is quite sad. Because it’s obvious that they don't give a shit to everyone ... Or they are boring and dull, like Ikea’s stool (“I've bought my wife”), or Farfetch regulars (not commercials), or honor GQ as a bible (Oh, great Gvasalia, how are you tired of your sneakers).

But if suddenly, by chance, one day, suddenly you see a dude (young lady), in whom everything — like a finished perfect poem — you think to yourself then — was Atlantis, it was!

It is presumptuous, bold and outrageous, what I think. Stylish people are a caste. It is not above, not under the brahmans, it is own caste. You can get there and us, commoners. It is only necessary to work hard. And preferably - without a stylist. Yes, Sasha Rogov, go to asshole.