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Докерская камуфляжная шапка бини с отворотом
Докерская камуфляжная шапка бини с отворотомДокерская камуфляжная шапка бини с отворотомДокерская камуфляжная шапка бини с отворотомDocker beanie camouflage hat DBH-23Docker beanie camouflage hat

Docker beanie camouflage hat DBH-23

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Cotton, Polyester
Dry clean
7-8 days
8-12 days

Bluggae Custom continues to actively meet the spring. And because each docker hat is becoming easier and easier. This fixed-top beanie weighs almost nothing, while successfully performing several functions:

1. It is water repellent. Everyone knows - the March of the Central Russian strip is Mr. Unpredictability. That sun will briefly appear from the usual gray shroud, and even rain and snow, it is usually more often. So, the fabric from which this docker hat is made is made in such a way that the outer layer is water-repellent and the inner layer is soft cotton.

2. Thanks to the installed grommets, this beanie cap will relieve the head from overheating in hot weather.

3. Camouflage print fabric is especially relevant for hunters, fishermen and fans of military style clothing.

4. Polyester, which is part of the outer surface of the fabric, makes it durable and resistant to abrasion.

The lining of the cap is made of organic cotton.

We will customize your order in your size.

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