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Wool trilby hat TRL-12
Wool trilby hat TRL-12Wool trilby hat TRL-12Wool trilby hat TRL-12Шляпа трилби из шерсти TRL-12Шляпа трилби из шерсти TRL-12Шляпа трилби из шерсти TRL-12

Wool trilby hat TRL-12

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Leather, Wool
Dry clean
7-8 days
8-12 days

An elegant trilby hat in soft 100% Italian herringbone wool can be a great addition to your wardrobe designed for cool, dry weather.

This hat was originally made to order, but we decided to make it part of the catalog, believing that many of our customers might like it.

The hat is fitted with 6 mm ventilation eyelets.

The width of the brim is 40 mm, but it can be made larger if desired, just specify this parameter when placing an order.

The hat is decorated with a ribbon made of genuine sheepskin.

Cotton lining.

We will sew the hat in any size.

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