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I wear hats since 25 years old - I wanted something special. Since then, they took a considerable amount of them, tried various models, until I decided - I like natural material hats - cotton, jeans, linen, leather, wool, etc.

"And he wears a hat on a hat" ... What is it like?

There are several versions of the answer to this question.

New is well forgotten old

For some reason, since childhood, I like objects, things, buildings that are old, having deep history.

New camouflage hat!

The great tragedian Aeschyl died from the fact that an eagle flying past dropped a turtle on his head.

Style or fashion?

Someone has probably already noticed that Bluggae Custom does not profess glamor. Or there is casual, or something else.

Our new vests fly to Miami

Today, a package with three pilot copies of exclusive vests by DFERGOS (Miami USA) and BLUGGAE CUSTOM (Moscow, Russia) collaboration was handed over from hand to hand in Triumfalnaya Square, Moscow. For prints on silk, the works of the American artist Aleksey Kazakov were used. Tomorrow the cargo will be delivered to Miami. In Moscow, vests are also available for order.

Блюз в сумерках. Продолжение мечты

Председатель Совнаркома, Наркомпроса, Мининдела!

Эта местность мне знакома, как окраина Китая!

Жилет и только жилет!

Мы называем этот предмет одежды "жилет", и никогда жилетка (представляется почему-то парчовая душегрейка пушкинской злобной старухи). Судя по сану столбовой дворянки, столь вожделенного для бабушки, вещь по тем временам была крутая.

Практично, уютно. колхозно

В последние десятилетия, к большому нашему сожалению, присутствует устойчивая тенденция одеваться практично (мы бы сказали - небрежно), и понятия изысканности, элегантности, шарма просто игнорируются.

Why Bluggae?

I was born in 1964, and my childhood and youth fell during the heyday of rock music. Needless to say, the hobby for heavy rock and, especially, for blues rock influenced all life.